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One of the main reasons why Facebook is so popular these days is because of the “feel-good” factor. The feel-good factor does what the name suggests – it makes people feel better. This can be achieved via reading others’ statuses that claim sadness – you may be sympathizing but you are also glad it is not you in their place.

In the same way, people’s pictures on Facebook are also a great source for the feel-good factor – one automatically feels better if they have a better picture up than the other person. But more than the picture itself, the number of likes a picture gets is more significant for the feel-good factor.

Facebook Photo Likes refer to the amount of people that have clicked the tiny thumbs up button on your picture. Of course, one would think that getting virtual “likes” would not be that of a big deal, but the thing is, it is. Or rather, the people have made it a big deal. Somehow, the concept of people clicking the “like” button on your picture, when you do not even know if they truly “like” it or not, has become a big deal. People start feeling better about themselves when they see that 50+ people liked their picture.

Being an active Facebook user myself, I noticed that there are some elements that determine the amount of likes on your picture, and they are not the obvious ones like how good a person looks. I know, you would hardly think people would check a picture thoroughly before liking it, but the thing is, they do not check it – they glance at it and they subconsciously see the things that make them “like” it or leave it as it is. Some of these elements are:

  • The number of friends you have and interact with. More than the picture itself, how popular a person is, matters more. If people want to be in your good books, they will definitely “like” your picture, even if they do not like it.
  • The picture quality. For the most part, this is a pretty reasonable element; nobody likes blurry, bad quality images. Take a picture with a professional camera and post it and you will see how the likes just roll in.
  • Couple pictures. Whether we admit to it or not, we all are curious and we are worse than the cat that got killed. Someone puts up a picture is with their spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend and they can rest assured that many people will check the picture out just because they want to see who it is that you chose. And of course, the more the people check it out, the more the likes will be because not everyone stalks in secrecy.

Looking good in pictures of course does matter, it is a fact that nobody can deny and one will probably get a lot of likes if they keep a picture in which they look really good, but along with that these other factors matter a lot too. To get more details click here.


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