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Social media marketing is a new and cost effective way of marketing your product through social media sites.

Before discussing what is social media marketing, first we have to understand that what is social media itself? In simple words the very famous Facebook, twitter, GooglePlus and other alike sites are examples of social media where people can interact each other through sending their news and views and comment on websites. Now these sites have become an excellent market place to market your products and promote your business effectively.

In social media marketing, not only you can promote your business and products to people but you can also engage them to have their comments because people trust more upon the experiences and comments of other people rather than to accept your claims about your business or products.

They post their comments to the circle of their family and friends and then their friends post to their circle, so a chain starts and goes to long long distances and reaches to the far- most parts of the world.

Below are a few techniques by which you can effectively promote your products through social media marketing.

1-    To effectively market your products through social media you should have to make your presence at all or at least most of the import social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GooglePlus, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

2-    You should have to understand your targeted customer first, then you have to make a proper plan accordingly.

3-    You should create high quality web content according to the needs of your targeted market and interests of your customers.

4-    Most of The content should related to your targeted market and general products according to the interest of your customer and not for brand specific information only.

5-    You also have to create your own .Com site with full of your brand specific information and pictures of your products.

6-    There should be links in your social media website those can directly carry your customer to your business website.

7-    Your promotional messages should contain most of their parts from educating purpose with a short sales message about your brand or product.

9-    To have effective communication with people, you should have to engage them through different activities.

10- To engage your customers you should create small surveys or ask little questions i.e. you may ask about the color of your newly launched product and ask them to vote if they like this change.

11- You may create contests and announce some gifts for winners. This will not only engage people on your site but also will create a platform for having fun and interest to your customers. They will also pay more time to get knowledge of your selected brand or product to take part and win contest and the awareness of your business will increase automatically.

By acting upon the above you can effectively promote your products through social media marketing.

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